Wisconsin Aviation, Madison College partner to fast-track aspiring pilots 

To address the national pilot shortage, Wisconsin Aviation is partnering with Madison College to offer a fast-track program for aspiring airline pilots and professional aviators, a press release stated yesterday. The professional aeronautics certificate (PAC) is a two-year, accelerated program designed for traditional college students and returning-adult students seeking a direct pathway to a flying career. 

The PAC program includes ground courses and flight training for private-pilot certification, instrument-flight rating, commercial-pilot licensure, and flight instructor certification. Students enrolled in the program will spend approximately 20 hours per week on ground school, flight training, and home study combined during two academic years.  

They will complete the program in approximately 21 months, making them eligible to be hired as instructor pilots. After graduation, alumni will typically spend another 18–24 months instructing and building flight hours needed to apply to airlines and other commercial flight operations. 

The PAC program also allows students to simultaneously pursue a degree of their choice and/or work part time during training, and graduates will begin their professional flight career two years before graduates of four-year programs such as Embry-Riddle.