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40 Under 40 Reunion

Members of classes from the past 22 years of 40 Under 40 gathered for an evening of networking and reconnecting with old friends and colleagues.

21st annual Exec Connect

This year’s event was held in person on Sept. 13 at Bishop’s Bay Country Club on the shores of Lake Mendota.


5 ways to fight back against negative brains at work

Gratitude and appreciation impact the value and performance of your company by creating a culture where people want to be, create their best work, and share mutual successes. In turn, there is improved performance and profitability.

Building a home for Black culture in Madison

Culture is not a foreign concept to the business community. In fact, many successful executives invest heavily in promoting a corporate culture in which employees feel a sense of connection, representation, and pride.

What’s all the buzz about?

Several years ago, I wrote in this space about the prevalence of business buzzwords and jargon, and how, even though we all use them, we probably need to consider a fast from our appetite for these verbal shortcuts.

Housing market will not yield

Speaking to an appreciative group of local realtors, an all-star panel of real estate pros gathered in mid-September to deliver some good news — the Madison and Wisconsin real estate market is not as dire as recent headlines suggest.

Office witch trials: When it’s good to be a witch

Every business needs someone willing to put in a form of governance that outlines expectations, boundaries, rules, and policies. Someone must be willing and able to call timeouts and hold everyone accountable to the agreed-upon rules of engagement.