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40 Under 40 Reunion

Members of classes from the past 22 years of 40 Under 40 gathered for an evening of networking and reconnecting with old friends and colleagues.

21st annual Exec Connect

This year’s event was held in person on Sept. 13 at Bishop’s Bay Country Club on the shores of Lake Mendota.


Love or hate him, 5 big lessons from Elon’s drama

Should Elon be in the running for the 2023 Person of the Year, it would likely be for a stunning reversal of his over-the-top example of how to squander a company’s — and its owner’s — health, wealth, and future.

Want more electric vehicles? Power up more charging stations

The term of art is “range anxiety,” the uneasy feeling that hangs over many drivers of electric vehicles when they hit the road for longer trips. When and where will they find the next charging station? Unfortunately for many of them, Wisconsin is a bigger source of range anxiety than most states — at least, for now.