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Cybersecurity isn’t just a techie issue, but a training and business challenge

Here’s a holiday office gift no business should want. Sophisticated cyberthieves have taken to delivering innocent-looking packages, usually without any department or person named, in anticipation they will sit unnoticed and unclaimed on a mailroom shelf for a while. Inside the package: Devices that can remotely steal or compromise a company’s digital data.

Not your ordinary inflation

During the 1970s and ’80s, inflation was truly out of control. Prices would increase by 10–14% or more so quickly that consumers would buy things immediately simply to avoid paying substantially more the next month, the next week, or even the next day.

Kenosha Innovation Neighborhood aims to become regional hub

The city of Kenosha has seen its share of challenges of late, not the least of which was unrest in August 2020 following the police shooting of Jacob Blake. In other ways, however, it’s on a roll that stands to benefit the southeastern corner of Wisconsin and the state at large.

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