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Are women losing career momentum in this work-from-home world?

A recent article published by In Business magazine called “Working Parents Calling it Quits” shared that a new FlexJobs survey found 40% of working parents had to quit or reduce their hours since the start of the pandemic. It was no surprise when the data highlighted a difference between men and women: Working women still bear the brunt of the responsibility at home.

3 thoughtful steps to combat workplace stress

How would you rate your ability to deal with stress these days? Chances are, if you’re like me, you are feeling it. Work lives up to its name (“work”). The juggle with family may have morphed into a third job of educator. And then there’s all the other chaos swirling about.

Good job! Ideas for employee appreciation gifts

The most recent 2020 employee engagement poll by Gallop found that 37% of U.S. employees were actively engaged at work, while 14% are actively disengaged. Further, a recent SHRM survey found that more than 40% of employees feel drained, exhausted, or burned out from work this year.

Newspapers in crisis: Why their economic future matters for our democracy

It’s the ideal hand-held communications tool for the 21st century: It’s portable, carries easily segmented global, national, and local news, is updated regularly by professionals dedicated to filtering and editing mounds of information, isn’t controlled by the Chinese or the Russians, and requires no external power source other than natural or room lighting.

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