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It’s time for businesses to step up to the plate 

Our COVID-19 world continues, and the accompanying challenges are enormous for businesses, for residents, and for our entire community. Now, more than ever, we need to look to help everyone in our community and do what we can to keep everyone strong, including ourselves.

Struggling, manufacturers? It’s time to panic!

We are experiencing a bifurcated recovery, with large sectors almost fully recovered and others struggling to find any traction at all. The same is true within the manufacturing sector and that worries me. If you are a manufacturer that isn’t recovering, it’s time to panic!

Your first option for transitioning your business may not be your best

2020 has renewed business owners’ thinking about company ownership. For some owners, 2020 is merely another bump in the road that they will roll over while holding the steering wheel tightly. For others, it’s been a perverse rush, literally and figuratively, as business has grown with the shifts in consumer and commercial demand.

Tale of two challenges: The U.S. election and COVID-19

From Main Street to Wall Street, presidential elections always ratchet up the anxiety. Layer on top of that a pandemic that essentially shut down the global economy earlier this year and is showing signs of a resurgence, along with a landmark Affordable Care Act case on the docket of a newly constituted Supreme Court, and it’s a perfect recipe for a stressful and potentially volatile winter.

How to free the dreaded annual planning process

It’s the time of year when many companies head into their planning and budgeting season. There is always a tension that accompanies this process. There is the tension between the known and unknown, scarcity and abundance, short-term and long-term, and finally, the tension of “who has time for this?”

Market timing: Should I go to all cash?

Every four years, largely as a result of the impending election, I get the same question from clients and nonclients alike: “Should I move to an all-cash position? I’m worried that XYZ will happen.”

Home loans: Patience in a pandemic

Whether you need more space, less maintenance, more country, or less rent, you are ready to buy a home during a pandemic. Like most everything else in 2020, the mortgage experience has changed and practicing patience has never been a more important part of the home-financing process.

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