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Calling it out: Google gone wrong

On Aug. 10, news broke of Google’s new policy stating that workers that chose to remain in a work-from-home model could face substantial pay cuts depending on where they live relative to the office that they are based out of.

Making life harder for hospitals not good for business

Wisconsin has 126 hospitals generally spread around the state, serving communities large and small and contributing close to $50 billion per year to the economy while treating patients of all ages and conditions — usually with few questions asked when a sick person shows up at the emergency room door.

Psilocybin research makes for strange political bedfellows — but promise is there

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry spent 14 years in that chair before twice running for president and later becoming President Trump’s Department of Energy secretary. Never a fan of legalizing recreational drugs, Perry came out of semi-retirement this spring to back a Texas Democrat in her bid to require a state clinical study of using psilocybin — found in “magic mushrooms” — to help veterans with mental health problems.

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