Stellar Tech Girls STEM camps to continue this summer

In February 2022, Marina Bloomer, a former rocket scientist, leased office space in Middleton and created Stellar Tech Girls, a company that runs summer camps and workshops focused on STEM topics, according to a report from The Capital Times.

According to the National Girls Collaborative Project’s “The State of Girls and Women in STEM” report from this month, women make up 48% of the total workforce but just 34% of the STEM workforce, with the greatest disparity in engineering at just 16% women. The report also notes that girls and boys do not significantly differ in their abilities in math and science, “but do differ in their interest, confidence, and sense of belonging” in STEM.

This summer, Stellar Tech Girls is offering three weeklong sessions in June for “Stellar Explorer” camp, three in July for “Stellar Chemistry” camp, four in August for “Stellar Space” camp, and two at the end of August for “Stellar Energy” camp. The camps cost $250 in early registration by April 1 or $280 after, with some scholarships available, with three-hour sessions each day in either the morning or the afternoon.