Rockabetty’s to close after more than 10 years 

After over 10 years of operation as a hair salon and spa, Rockabetty’s on Madison’s South Park Street is closing, the Wisconsin State Journal reports.

While the business once had eight full-time employees, Rockabetty’s owner, Angela Shulz, and its cleaner are the only full-time employees that remain. Shulz is selling the Rockabetty’s building to open a home hair styling studio.

With the challenge of attracting and retaining hairstylists, massage therapists, aestheticians, and nail technicians, as well as clients’ choice to space appointments to save money, Shulz’s mortgage has become unaffordable. In contrast, she says her home studio — currently under construction — will triple her income.

Other salons and spas across the city have faced similar challenges as commercial rents and interest rates rise.