Madison renewable chemicals startup, Pyran Inc., seeks first commercial plant

Renewable chemicals startup Pyran Inc. of Madison is currently looking to open its first commercial plant, as discussed in a WisconsinInno article. Founded in 2018, Pyran makes a renewable, plant-based chemical that replaces petroleum-based products used in everyday paints and coatings.

Production of the chemical is cost-effective and, by replacing petroleum-based chemicals, helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Pyran has so far proven its ability to endure in the face of current economic instability and challenges to venture capitalism as it works to serve the long-term objective of carbon neutrality.

Pyran raised $1.5 million in capital following a demonstration of commercial-scale production in Crosby, Texas. The startup’s co-founders hope to select a commercial plant site by the end of the year and commence full-scale production there by 2026. Pyran seeks a location accessible to the biomaterial used in its product — not currently produced in Wisconsin — but intends to keep its headquarters and continue research and development in Madison.