Has business really changed?

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The COVID-19 pandemic changed the tactics of business almost overnight. It had a massive effect on the way we do business. But has “business” changed?

Every business operates within a framework, regardless of the Great Recession or a pandemic. With the right blueprint, all businesses can succeed. The six parts of that blueprint are mastery, niche, systems, team, synergy, and results.

ActionCOACH of Wisconsin clients used that blueprint to pivot their businesses almost as fast as the operating climate changed.

Founding partner Susan Thomson says, “It was inspiring and an honor to lead our clients and future clients through this pandemic. Within one week of the initial shutdowns, our team was delivering weekly strategy sessions and daily updates to keep our clients moving forward. In total, we delivered 74 webinars in the first 60 days of COVID across the state of Wisconsin.”

Through it all, the blueprint held up. Business challenges never seen before were successfully overcome. Yet, instead of “business is nothing like it used to be,” we found that the pandemic was a perfect example that the right set of plans in business can overcome any situation.

Here are three areas where the essence of business has not changed.

Customer needs

While it’s true that the way you deliver your product or service has likely been transformed, have the problems that you solve truly changed? For example, if you’re a remodeler, people were still solving the issue that they don’t like their environment. The awareness of the need may be quite a bit more acute, but the need is the same.

The need for a niche

If you installed pools prior to the pandemic, you likely solved the want or need of recreation close to home, or something similar. Even though you’re probably as busy as you’ve ever been, you’re still likely working in the same niche.

Employee skills

On the surface, it’s easy to say everything has changed with employees. Of course, you’ve learned to manage remotely. Of course, technology has been integral to the way you’ve operated over the past two years. And, of course, employees are looking at their situation and roles differently. But as for the nuts and bolts of your business, look closely at whether employee skills are fundamentally different. If you need a carpenter, they still need carpentry skills.

“You can do this,” says ActionCOACH Managing Partner Mike McKay. “With the ActionCOACH blueprint and global support, you will be confident that the right resources, the right expertise, and the right strategies will be available to you for any situation from the Great Recession to the pandemic — tools that work every time.”

Mike HeadshotBy Mike McKay, managing partner, ActionCOACH in Wisconsin

Is your business in need of a blueprint? Led by Global Hall of Fame Coaches Mike McKay and Susan Thomson, ActionCOACH has offices in Madison and Milwaukee, five Certified Business and Executive Coaches, and is a nine-time winner of the In Business Executive Choice Awards for Management Training Company. ActionCOACH of Wisconsin has worked with more than 417 businesses throughout Wisconsin and the United States. What this means for you is you get all that collective knowledge and experience working to help you and your business. Email JosephMuenich@actioncoach.com for your complimentary coaching session or an invite to our popular Make More, Work Less lunch and learns.