Wisconsin receives nearly $15M in JUUL settlement

The Wisconsin Department of Justice announced on Dec. 8 that Wisconsin and 32 other states and territories finalized a $435 million agreement with JUUL, resolving a two-year investigation into the e-cigarette manufacturer’s marketing and sales practices. Wisconsin’s share of the settlement is more than $14.7 million. In addition to the financial terms, the settlement requires JUUL to comply with a series of strict terms that limit its marketing and sales practices.

The multistate investigation determined that JUUL’s original packaging did not clearly disclose that it contained nicotine, and later packaging implied it contained a lower concentration of nicotine than it actually did. The company also misrepresented that its product was a smoking cessation device without FDA approval.

The $435 million will be paid out over the next six to 10 years, with the amounts paid increasing the longer the company takes to make the payments. If JUUL chooses to extend the payment period up to 10 years, the final settlement would reach $472.6 million.

The company, as part of the settlement, has agreed to refrain from youth marketing, use of cartoons, funding education programs, free samples, billboard ads, and more.