Wisconsin needs at least 140K more housing units to keep up with demand

According to a new report from Forward Analytics, the research arm of the Wisconsin Counties Association, in order to meet current estimates for state housing needs by 2030, Wisconsin needs to build at least 140,000 new housing units, reported WisBusiness. However, that number could be more than 200,000 if the state’s working-age population grows.

In an earlier report, Forward Analytics projected the state’s working-age population will fall by 130,000 by 2030 if demographic trends persist. Nevertheless, the Badger State would still require 140,000 more housing units by that time just to keep pace with housing demand.

If the state can find a way to address its projected decline in residents aged 25 to 64 through increased migration, the housing need could grow by up to 72,000 additional units, the report finds.