Wisconsin home sales up double digits for 20th consecutive month

For the 20th consecutive month, Wisconsin has experienced double-digit growth in the sales of existing homes, according to the Wisconsin Realtors Association. In February, sales jumped 11.7% compared with February of 2012, and median home prices grew to $122,000, which represents a 6.1% increase over last February.

Even with the strong seasonal patterns in Wisconsin home sales, where the vast majority of homes are sold between April and September, the state has enjoyed a good housing market over the past winter, noted Renny Diedrich, chairman of the WRA board of directors. Comparing the most recent December, January, and February sales figures to those same months a year earlier, home sales increased 14.5%.

“The housing market has been on a strong growth path since the summer of 2011, and while the growth rate has moderated slightly, this is a very good trend moving into the spring selling season,” Diedrich said.