Wisconsin among top producers of Thanksgiving fare

Wisconsin leads the country in the production of traditional Thanksgiving fare such as cheese, green beans, and cranberries, according to a new report from Chefspencil.com. Other producers of key provisions for the holiday include:

  • Turkey: Minnesota is the leading producer of turkey, followed by Arkansas and North Carolina;
  • Potatoes: Primarily grown in Idaho and Washington state, the two states accounting for more than half of the nation’s potato production;
  • Sweet potatoes: Grown in primarily in the south with North Carolina topping the list followed by Mississippi and California;
  • Green beans: Production is dominated by Wisconsin;
  • Cranberries: A native wetland plant that likes cool weather is primarily grown in Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Oregon, and New Jersey;
  • Pumpkin: Illinois is the pumpkin capital of the U.S., producing more than the next six states combined;
  • Apples: Washington state is the center of apple production in the U.S., while Georgia is the center of pecan production;
  • Brussels sprouts: California is the only state with a sizable harvest of Brussels sprouts;
  • Sweet corn: Washington tops the sweet corn production; and
  • Cheese production is dominated by Wisconsin, followed by California and Idaho.

Thanksgiving Favorite Ingredients