Wind farm owned by MGE, Wisconsin Public Service advances clean energy in Grant County

The Red Barn Wind Park, a new wind farm in rural Wisconsin, is capable of generating the energy to power 50,000 homes, according to an article from Wisconsin Public Radio. The project is a joint venture between Wisconsin Public Service, which holds 90% ownership, and Madison Gas and Electric (MGE), which holds the remaining 10%.

The wind farm, located in Grant County’s rural Clifton and Wingville townships, includes 28 wind turbines over an 8,900-acre area. The project helps advance clean energy initiatives, including MGE’s goal of achieving net-zero carbon electricity by 2050. Both MGE and Wisconsin Public Service are working on other large-scale solar and battery projects as well.

Projects like the Red Barn Wind Park not only address climate change but can also save customers money in the long-term. WEC Energy Group estimates consumers will save $2 billion over the next 20 years due to its renewable energy investments, including the Red Barn Wind Park.