Wilson building, Paisan’s, cleared to reopen, but tenants make plans to sue

The office building at 131 W. Wilson, closed by Madison’s Building Inspection Division due to structural concerns, will be reopening this week, according to a statement from the city of Madison. The parking ramp will remain closed and will be monitored and inspected regularly until an approved permanent repair to the parking system is completed. The city attorney filed suit against building owners citing a failure to “maintain every interior floor, wall, and ceiling to be clean and in good repair” and the building was evacuated on Sept. 10, 2021. Work on the facility had been ongoing before its closure. However, in a report by WKOW-TV, many tenants said they’ll be breaking their leases, citing limited parking space. Paisan’s Restaurant owner Wally Borowski and other owners said they are filing suit against building owners for damages incurred during the 40-day shutdown.