Why you should post on social media: How to overcome your apprehension

You know much, much more than you think. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Doesn’t everybody know this?” the answer is nope, they don’t. A major impediment I hear from most professionals when it comes to social media is, “If I share this, write an article about this, or make a video about this, people are going to judge me and say, ‘Duh, we already know that.’” But they won’t. In fact, they will probably thank you for doing so even if it wasn’t new information to them.

When you’re using social media for business development, the goal isn’t to impress your peers with your technical powers. Your goal is to get your clients and potential clients to say, “I’m really glad she or he shared that information. I didn’t know that” or “I forgot about that. That tool would really benefit me right now.” In fact, if your audience is already knowledgeable about the topic, they can still benefit by hearing it from a different point of view. Your social share may inspire new business development or be a simple reminder of the topic.

When you begin to share your knowledge on topics, big or small, you are actually educating yourself on the topic, as well. Maybe you do more research to expand on your points and discover a new feature you didn’t even know about. The best way to learn something new is by teaching others. Today, topics are ever-changing. Social media, marketing, and advertising have tools updated often and in some cases daily!

If you aren’t confident in sharing your post, why would anyone be confident in reading it? Write something that you are proud to share to the public. If you are excited about your writing, others will be excited to share it. Content creation isn’t always about discovering the next big thing, but it can be a source of education for those who are just beginning to study the material. Your writing, video library, or social media feed can transform into an educational library that the audiences can reference and review.

This can also be a great way to grow your portfolio. For example, if you write a blog on how to use Instagram this may seem like common sense to you, but that guide can later turn into a major resource for an individual or an entire company. As features change, the handbook can be updated, and you suddenly make yourself appear as an expert. Who doesn’t want to sound like an expert when talking to their peers?

This content increases your views on social while giving you the opportunity to showcase your personality. Connect to your audience by humbly sharing topics you see fit for beginners. As your knowledge grows, your audience is given the opportunity to grow with you. Building your network and interacting with the audience is what transforms a viewer into a fan. Building a personal connection with your audience by not being a know-it-all benefits both parties.

It can be overwhelming to study a new topic or research new methods of traditional practices. It is crucial to make beginners feel comfortable, confident, and fulfilled when consuming your content. Frustration and intimidation are two major reasons for giving up. If you feel stupid sharing a topic to a beginner, imagine how they feel if they sense that when learning from you! Your tone of voice and reassurance can make all the difference in making your audience comfortable with viewing your content.

Get out of your own way and selflessly share the things you know. A few minutes per day is plenty to share the things that can help you attract more business. Help grow your own portfolio and extend your own knowledge by sharing what you already know. Be personable, relatable, and humble so your fans are able to grow with you along the way. If you can do that, your content will receive the attention it deserves.

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