Why do so many union haters want a race to the bottom?

From Facebook:

Union members are not overpaid. Management willingly signs a contract stating that they agree with the negotiated price that all sides agree upon.

If those who don’t belong to a Union complain about us being overpaid, maybe their question should really be, “How do I get someone to negotiate on MY behalf for what I’m worth?”

I’ve often wondered why it is that we seem to be racing to the bottom when it comes to wages and benefits for workers. After all, the argument that “public sector employee pay and benefits are far too generous in comparison to private sector employee pay and benefits, so we should bring those public employees down to our level!” seems to me to be an argument in favor of bringing private sector pay and benefits up through organizing those workers rather than trying to bring public employee wages and benefits down by breaking their unions.

Romney campaign education adviser discontinues her role with campaign

Margaret Spellings, education secretary to former President George W. Bush, has disclosed why she has decided to discontinue her role as an education adviser to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign:

“I have long supported and defended and believe in a muscular federal role on school accountability,” she told The New York Times in an article published on Monday. “Vouchers and choice as the drivers of accountability; obviously that’s untried and untested.”

In May, The Huffington Post’s Joy Resmovits reported that Spellings chose not to remain with the campaign because of differences over federal accountability in enforcing the No Child Left Behind Act but that she still supports Romney.

Clearly all’s well with the Romney for president campaign!

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