Which government agency puts you through the most hoops?

I've never agreed with those who think government agencies should be run exactly like a business, with one caveat: a little business sense wouldn't hurt.

We see that just about everywhere today, as the public's anger over government's lack of performance boils over on issues ranging from emergency response to immigration reform.

Fifteen years ago, IB polled its readers on the following question: What one government agency makes your company jump through the most hoops?

The responses ranged from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to the U.S. Postal Service ("tried any large mailings? Now you know why businesses use Fed Ex, UPS, Airborne, et cetera"), to the state Department of Industry, Labor, and Human Relations (now the Department of Workforce Development) , to those warm and wonderful Internal Revenue Service agents.

The news that the IRS' ranks are about to swell by the thousands to help enforce provisions of the new health care law isn't really the impetus for our interest in polling readers anew on this subject. That has more to do with Departments Editor Jan Wilson coming across the original poll when putting together IB's May 2010 "Rewind" section.

Whatever the motivation for surveying the 2010 regulatory landscape, we thought we should use this week's "Van Lines" blog to pose the question again. So we do: Right now, what government agency puts you through the most hoops?

And just to be fair, we'd also like you to respond to the following: What government agency has the most business-friendly processes to work with?

In each case, we ask you to provide your answer and a brief explanation in the comments section below. Either let them have it, or show them some love, or both.

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