What would you do with $5,200?

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Imagine you have $5,200 (or could get your hands on it by begging or borrowing). You can’t buy a car with that. Maybe you can, but you’ll spend another $5,200 fixing it up. You can’t buy love with that. Maybe you can, but … (do you have medical coverage and a good divorce attorney?) You can’t buy a college education with it. One semester of tuition and fees maybe, at the UW if you take undergraduate courses (graduate courses cost more). But you’d still have to spend about $1,000 on books …. With $5,200, you can buy groceries, put gas in your car, pay a couple mortgage payments. But you can’t buy a speedboat with it. The engine, yes. Oars, yes. And the trailer and life vests. And gas. Maybe a fishing rod and reel or two.

Here’s what you can buy with it: an experience that you would talk about for the rest of your life. Maybe a life-changing event that would propel your business or career in new ways. Maybe a new view of the world that would open your eyes to new ways of doing things, or give you a greater appreciation for other cultures and traditions.

In other words, you could use the $5,200 to make an investment in YOU.

With $5,200, you can go to China and immerse yourself in Chinese culture in the safety of a Madison delegation. (That price is a special offer from me – a reward for reading this blog which saves more than $200 off the going price.) We’re leaving May 17, returning May 28. For $5,200, you would have all travel paid for, including airfare and a ride on a high-speed train from Beijing to Tianjin. You would know you were staying in an executive hotel every night, and all meals are paid for – including six executive dinners – and you’d know your dinner companions. Even tips are covered. You’d travel with interpreters, and you’d take a pre-class, before going, to learn a few key phrases. Someone would help with money conversions and tell you what to pack. You’d have help securing the visa. (You’d need to get your own passport.)

In China, you’d meet with top officials who would be interested in helping connect you with peers in China – or you can tour areas on your own with new friends. You’d meet top VIPs from Oshkosh Corporation or John Deere who have corporate offices in Tianjin. You’d be invited to tour (again, it’s already paid for) the Great Wall of China and The Forbidden City, and you’d do it in the company of your new friends – other Wisconsinites looking for a business connection or, for some, the opportunity to realize the dream of visiting China in the safety of a group of like-minded folks.

I’ll be going, as will IB owner Bill Haight and our events manager, Jessica Hamm. We’re dedicated to making sure you have the best experience possible, and we’re looking forward to getting to know you personally as well as professionally. We’ll introduce you to senior-level business leaders and Chinese government officials and make sure you have lots of stories to take back to colleagues, friends, and family afterward.

Think about your options for $5,200; we’ve dropped the price every time we’ve gotten another price break ourselves, and In Business IS NOT making a profit on the trip at all – we’ve passed along the savings to drop the price of your ticket. We see this as an opportunity to support travel to another world in the hopes of expanding our own horizons – professional and personal. The weather will be warm-to-hot (reason enough to go) and these opportunities don’t present themselves very often. You have no reason to fear the tour company, the travel and hospitality arrangements, or to have concerns for your personal safety. We’ve taken care of the details, set up the dinners, hired the interpreters, paid tour guides, booked the rooms and airline seats, and set the agenda with foreign dignitaries. All you have to do is relax, learn, and have the trip of a lifetime.

With lifelong memories guaranteed.

That’s a lot to get for $5,200.

We have six seats left on the plane. For more information, contact Jessica Hamm at jessicah@magnapubs.com or 608.204.9655 x35 or view these links!

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