Wellness study ranks Wisconsin 21st on list of worst states

A new study finds Wisconsin is the 21st worst state for wellness when measuring three main categories: physical and mental health; access to parks and nature; and integrative health practices. California was named the best state and Alabama the worst. The Best and Worst States for Wellness study used the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Census Bureau, the National Parks Service, and Google Trends and identified these key findings:

  • Best states for wellness: California, Arizona, Florida, Washington, Hawaii, Utah, Alaska, Wyoming, D.C., and New Jersey;  
  • Worst states for wellness: Alabama, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Iowa, Delaware, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kentucky, and Mississippi;  
  • The four worst states are in the south — Alabama, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas;  
  • The Midwest is the only region not represented in the 10 best states; and   
  • There is a strong correlation between sunshine, nature, and well-being. Four of the five best states are known for sunshine — California, Arizona, Florida, and Hawaii. Nine of the 10 best states have an above-average percentage of land used for national parks.