We like parties, we like soup. We like masks with lots of goop.

Maska and food

I’m happy to report that IB’s first annual “What’s in Your Cauldron?” office party got a two-thumbs-up rating from attendees. It really was a lot of fun, courtesy of our staff, who cooked up their favorite soups, baked desserts, put tattoos in odd places, and decorated masks for the occasion.

In Business staffers dressed as Obama and Romney and with tattoos

A surprise visit from Mitt (Joe) and Barack (Tom). Jan flashes neck ink, but Jessica steals the first-place ribbon for a pumpkin ring tattoo. Shirley gets a big thumbs up for putting it all together.

IB has a relatively small staff and we work pretty closely together on print, Web, and events agendas, but still, we don’t have a lot of time for relaxing together. It was refreshing to use the conference room for something other than brainstorming and business meetings, and thanks to Shirley for coordinating the social gathering. (She’s now in Hoboken, N.J., with her son and his family, following the great devastation the flood waters brought to the area, so I’m sending a long-distance “thank you” and prayer her way today.)

What would a Halloween Party be without awards for best costume – or in our case, best mask?

Party with decorated masks

There was strong competition for “best handoff.” Jon conned his two small children into decorating masks, Carol and son did a Ninja Turtle mask together, and Terri told her teenager that sure, she could have a ride to the mall … after decorating a mask! But the best decorating dodge of all went to Jan, who won “best of show” for her bird mask, complete with feathers and birdseed around the eyes. Jan’s husband, Mike, made it for her because she was “under the weather” the night before the party. (Brilliant, Jan!)

Party with Halloween masks

Some of us did make our own mask. Paul bought decorations at a thrift store, Karen wowed us with her operatic face, and Alan dipped into his daughter’s fingernail polish collection. However, despite stiff competition, I won “best staff made” mask for using alcohol inks, gems, and feathers. Woo hoo!  

I think I also showed well with my Irish potato soup (de-lish!), but if we’d had food awards, Jessica’s pumpkin cupcakes or Jon’s surprise treats (made by Jon himself, to redeem a mask handoff) would have claimed the ribbon. Still, we had lots of different soups, foods, beverages, and all were absolutely wonderful and much appreciated by the ghouls served.

Halloween food

What made my day, however, was the staff’s request to declare “What’s in Your Cauldron” an annual event and to have the same party again next year.

Which is good, because now I know what it takes to win that mask handoff contest….

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