Washington Monthly ranks UW–Madison No. 2 among national public universities

UW–Madison was ranked second among national public universities and 11th overall in Washington Monthly’s 2023 College Guide and Rankings, according to a recent press release. Last year, UW was ranked third among public universities and 16th overall.

Rankings are based on a school’s contribution to the public good in three categories: social mobility, research, and providing opportunities for public service.

Wisconsin rose to sixth in public service, up from eighth last year, maintained its research ranking of 17th, and was 62nd overall for social mobility (as compared to 58th last year).

UW–Madison ranked sixth in research expenditures, up from seventh last year. Other rankings include 10th in the number of science and engineering PhDs awarded, 30th in faculty accolades, and 41st in number of bachelor degrees to PhDs.

The university was also ranked 21st in the Midwest, up from 25th last year, in Washington Monthly’s “Best Bang for your Buck” rankings, a list of schools ranked by how well they help non-wealthy students attain marketable degrees at affordable prices. In net price of attendance for families below $75,000 income, it ranked 39th overall.

Additional recent UW rankings can be found online.