Wall Street Journal Book Review: Milwaukee Braves made more history than we think

Before the final seconds had even ticked off the clock in the last game of this year's NBA finals, the shouty nitwits of sports television had started in on LeBron James. Long scoffed at for never having won a championship, the best basketball player on the planet was at the moment he finally won one being scoffed at for not having won more.

There will probably be more rings for Mr. James and his Miami Heat, but if not, they'll join the list of great teams remembered more for what they didn't do than for what they did: Johan Cruyff's Dutch national side, Peyton Manning's Indianapolis Colts, the Atlanta Braves teams of Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and John Smoltz. A great strength of John Klima's charming book on the Milwaukee Braves of the late 1950s—one more underachieving team—is that he focuses not on what they failed to do but on what they did. It was spectacular.

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