Walker wrecks Wisconsin (or not)

Wisconsin is being wrecked!

Wrecked like the Hesperus. Wrecked like a 30-car pile up on the Milwaukee Zoo Interchange. Wrecked like a Syrian village, and miserably.

Who is this wrecker? His name is Scott Walker. His Koch-stained hands heaving on the plunger to bring down an entire state like a Great Society high-rise housing project, according to the perfervid maunderings of our embittered liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances.

“Our governor’s incompetence is wrecking Wisconsin,” the Voice of Progressivism fairly shrieked the day before Thanksgiving. No blessings to be counted this holiday season. Not when Wisconsin is being wrecked!

The best efforts of Mike Tate, the Capitol intifada, the teachers unions, and pre-dawn raids by the speech police have failed to derail the GOP golem. Time to turn the shrillness dial up to a full-on 11.

“Walker is a right-wing ideologue who refuses to admit that his ideas and initiatives are wrong even after they have failed miserably.”

Not just failed, but miserably. So says the miserable left-wing ideologues who championed Jimmy Carter for president. Twice. And Mike Dukakis. And Walter Mondale over Ronald Reagan. And Jesse Jackson! And John (his cheatin’ heart) Edwards! Who else but the partisan outlet that harried and hectored Tommy Thompson (“King Tommy”) elected four times over Democrat(ic) paragons like Ed Garvey and Chuck (“Do we have a relationship?”) Chvala.

Just how, exactly, is Wisconsin being wrecked? You want details? Isn’t partisan passion enough? Don’t need no stinkin’ details.

Opinion trumps fact

For evidence of statewide wreckage, The Corporation That Speaks as if It Were a Person cites opinion polls. That’s it. True enough, Walker’s approval numbers are upside down. The Marquette Law School poll has Walker at only 38% approval, 58% disapproval. That’s big and there’s no sugarcoating it. Voters feel what they feel.

As the greatest president of the past 50 years would say, they’re entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts. Here are the facts:

•   No longer can government prosecutors punish political speech. Wisconsin campaign finance law is being brought into conformance with a slew of federal court decisions.

•   The integrity of the ballot box has been strengthened. Once again, federal courts have upheld Wisconsin’s reforms over Democratic objections.

•   We joined the rest of the union in allowing law-abiding citizens to protect themselves. Contrary to the jeremiads, legal concealed carry has not resulted in Dodge City at high noon.

•   Making college more affordable — UW tuition has been frozen for an unprecedented six straight years.

•   UW–Madison retains its fourth place national ranking in research spending.

•   For the first time in Wisconsin’s history everyone living in poverty is covered under Medicaid. (Affirmed by PolitiFact.)

•   Property taxes as percentage of Wisconsin taxpayers’ personal income are at their lowest level since 1946, says the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance.

•   Taxes have been reduced $4.7 billion. (A PolitiFact rating of “true.”)

•   The Laffer Curve triumphant: Wisconsin reduced taxes yet revenue collections are up 4.3%.

•   Wisconsin high school graduation rates are second highest in the nation; they improved from 85.7% in 2010 to 88.0% in 2013 to 88.6% in 2014, according to the DPI.

•   The environment? We’re the 17th most eco-friendly state in the nation, exceeded in the 10-state Midwest only by Minnesota and South Dakota.



Hell in a hand basket

“Wisconsin isn’t working,” the partisan organ declares. Republicans “should begin to work with [wait for it!] … Democrats.” Gotta get the economic turn-around whiz kid Lisa Subeck on board! Except that Wisconsin workers ARE working — and at greater rates than Barack Obama’s national economy. Don’t recall The Progressive Voice worrying about the economy under Jim Doyle, either.

•   Wisconsin is enjoying its lowest unemployment in 14 years. Our 4.3% rate is significantly better than the seasonally adjusted national average of 5.0% in October.

•   Unemployment rates don’t count idled workers who have given up on the torpid economy. So let’s look at the labor force participation rate. Wisconsin’s 67.6% significantly betters the national rate of 62.4%.

•   Wisconsin added a statistically significant 15,100 private-sector jobs and 16,100 total non-farm jobs from September 2015 to October 2015 (seasonally adjusted) the largest one-month gain since April 1992.

•   The more reliable quarterly jobs census numbers are also out: A one-year gain of 30,735 private-sector jobs from June 2014 to June 2015, with 17,210 jobs added in the sectors of construction, manufacturing, and professional services.

•   Income grew faster in Wisconsin in the second quarter of this year than all but two states in the 10-state Midwest region (including Minnesota), according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Can’t get Davante Adams open

If we’re going to rely on nothing more than opinion polls, two can play. Democrats blame everything including ISIS on global warming but 97% of Americans aren’t buying it. Only 3% listed “climate change” as the most important issue facing the country today, according to polling.

The Progressive Voice was inexplicably passive on Walker’s greatest failure: he failed, miserably, to bag a deer this hunting season.

For that matter, look at the Packers v. Bears at Lambeau. Where is Scott Walker hiding James Jones?

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