Walker praises Obama for signing St. Croix River bridge bill

It took a bridge to somewhere, but Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was quick to applaud President Obama Wednesday following Obama’s signing of a bill that clears the way for a new four-lane bridge spanning the St. Croix River between Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Construction of the bridge is expected to begin in 2014 and be completed in about three years. The estimated cost ranges from $571 million to $676 million.

In praising Obama, Walker called the St. Croix River Crossing project “a great example of what happens when everyone puts their differences aside, focuses on the needed end result, and works together to successfully get something done.”

“And Wisconsin is better off for it,” Walker added in a press release. “We can now begin the process of constructing this bridge, a project that will bring thousands of jobs to our region and provide a safer route between Minnesota and Wisconsin."

After the U.S. Senate approved the enabling legislation in January to exempt the bridge under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, the House of Representatives approved the bill on March 1.

In a prepared statement, U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota called the bill signing a victory for residents and businesses in the St. Croix River Valley.