Visions close to renewing alcohol license

Despite a December shooting and losing its owner, Tom Reichenberger, in March, Visions Night Club, Madison’s only strip club, may live on, according to a Wisconsin State Journal report.

Immediately after Reichenberger’s death, it wasn’t known if the club would survive. Late last year, a shooting inside the club occurred, leading former Ald. David Ahrens to blame the club for increased crime in the area and asking citizens to sign a petition to revoke the club’s liquor license. That led to the threat of a slander and libel suit against Ahrens, who is now running for County Board. The 15th District is now represented by Ald. Grant Foster.

But Reichenberger’s brother, Al, who helped his brother run the club for 30 years, says they took immediate measures after the shooting to increase security, including using a handheld metal detector on all patrons to keep weapons out. The city’s Alcohol License Review Committee unanimously recommended renewing Visions’ liquor license, and the City Council votes on the license on June 11.

Visions’ VP and secretary, David Brown, will become the new owner and intends to sell it to Silk Exotic, a strip club chain.