Virtual banking, real diversity

Yesenia Bustamante 2021

Yesenia Bustamante

“My goal is to make all customer service interactions special,” says Yesenia Bustamante, the virtual banking lead at Starion Bank who oversees and coaches an entire team of virtual bankers.

Bustamante began her Starion career in February 2021 as a virtual banker and quickly advanced through the ranks. “This has been an amazing opportunity to share my expertise and mold the team into great bankers,” she says. “It’s also an exciting role because it allows me to really get to know my customers better.”

As a virtual banker, Bustamante helps people with transactions that are made via email, web browsers, and mobile apps. She works with customers from small and large communities, as well as diverse age groups and backgrounds. “Starion Bank touches so many demographics in the markets we serve,” she notes. “As a virtual banker, I get to visit with first-time account holders and people who have been banking with us for more than 50 years.”

This demographic variety is expanding as communities welcome more newcomers into their neighborhoods, including Spanish-speaking residents. Bustamante is a friendly, welcoming voice to Spanish-speaking residents who sometimes struggle to navigate services in an unfamiliar language.

“It makes me feel good to help Spanish-speaking customers over the phone or even when they stop into any branch location,” she says. “If the in-branch banker doesn’t speak Spanish, they put me on the phone, and I immediately hear the calmness and comfort in their voice when I say hello.”
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