Transportation Matters


Election-year gimmick could jeopardize infrastructure

Last month, a group of six U.S. Senate Democrats, four up for reelection, proposed a federal gas tax holiday through the end of 2022. One of the bill’s authors said it will help people “struggling with high costs for everything from gas to groceries.”

Bipartisan Congressional action provides opportunity Wisconsin leaders must seize in 2022

There was big news out of Washington just before the holidays. The enactment of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Acts, also known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, has the transportation community and policymakers abuzz. This legislation has been heralded as the largest increase in federal highway and public transit investment in more than 50 years, a once-in-a-generation investment.

Life (and transportation) beyond the pandemic

Last year was, in some ways, the lost year. While I and Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin (TDA) staff were able to work from home and make significant progress on the association’s priorities, I will remember 2020 more for what I could not do during the year than for what I did.

Together, we will get through this

I’m happy today to focus on a positive, particularly how the construction industry, including transportation, is pitching in right now to help frontline health care workers in Wisconsin.

 Debby Jackson assumed the role of executive director of the Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin after more than 15 years with the organization. In addition to her vast experience in association management and transportation advocacy, Jackson has a background in business. She leverages the breadth and depth of her professional experience, along with her knowledge of the membership and mission of TDA, to be a strong voice for robust transportation infrastructure in Wisconsin. Jackson started her career as a staff auditor with Price Waterhouse, which led to a series of accounting and corporate management positions with a major national retailer.