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TIQS: Effectively introducing a speaker (in person or virtually)

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to listen to hundreds of speeches ranging from the ho-hum to the incredibly inspirational. Regardless of the quality of the speeches themselves, one thing that is fairly consistent is the quality — or lack thereof — of the speaker introductions.

Tax planning: 3 topics to watch in 2021

Now that the election has passed, Joe Biden is president, and Democrats control both houses of Congress, it’s time to update our preelection guidance on critical tax-planning topics.

Life (and transportation) beyond the pandemic

Last year was, in some ways, the lost year. While I and Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin (TDA) staff were able to work from home and make significant progress on the association’s priorities, I will remember 2020 more for what I could not do during the year than for what I did.

4 ideas to help stimulate the startup economy

For an economy to flourish and constantly refresh itself, new ideas, products, and companies must rise to take the place of the old. It’s a phenomenon economists call “creative destruction” and it has driven the American and Wisconsin economies for generations.

Harry and Meghan expose an ugly truth about family businesses

Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, described in heart-wrenching detail the feeling of being trapped as members of the royal family. What should have been a grand story of princes and princesses was breathtaking and sad, but it’s an all-too-familiar feeling for those involved in family businesses.

Statewide innovation evident in Tech Summit, Business Plan Contest

Few are surprised to learn that Madison and Milwaukee are hubs for tech-based innovation involving young companies. What may be surprising to some people is the extent to which young companies are springing up in places outside the state’s largest urban centers. Two statewide events illustrate the point.

Why we like State Street, why we fear it at times

When I got to town in the ’70s, the larger-than-life characters downtown included the ethnic restaurateurs — the Gargano brothers (Italian cuisine), Gus Paras (Greek), Nate Balkin (Jewish deli), and Suey Wong (Chinese). You always got the sense that their roots weren’t too far away from the boat that brought them or their parents to the U.S.

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