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6 ways to avoid a succession head fake that kills the deal

One of my fondest memories growing up was watching the Peanuts specials with my father. While we laughed at the fact that Charlie Brown always got faked out by Lucy with the football, pulling it out from him just as he was about to make the kick, we both felt bad for Charlie Brown.

Court’s EPA decision aside, markets and innovation steadily at work

The U.S. Supreme Court ruling rejecting the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to reshape the nation’s energy grid has been roundly criticized by groups that believe reining in the causes of climate change cannot wait for constitutional niceties such as congressional and state approval.

A ‘perfect storm’ in Wisconsin jobless claims prompted tech overhaul

It was not a pleasant time in the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development. The start of the COVID pandemic in early 2020 prompted a surge of unemployment claims as thousands of people lost their jobs, state call centers were overwhelmed, and a mainframe computer system dating back decades was abruptly exposed as inadequate for the times.

The 3 Rs to better delegation

It’s vacation season, and not a moment too soon for most of us. It’s been a while since we felt free enough to hop on planes and go away for longer than a long weekend or a day or two.

A small business owner’s trip to Washington, D.C.

While I love owning and running a small business in Madison, I wanted to find a way to amplify my voice and those of other entrepreneurs, especially those of color. Washington, D.C. isn’t exactly sending out invitations to people like me. But joining with others was my ticket to making our voices heard a few weeks ago.

Corporate diversity: Scam or strategy?

Based on my recollection, diversity initiatives have been around in some form or fashion for over 50 years. While affirmative action was the precursor to diversity initiatives, neither achieved its stated goal of creating a diverse workplace.

Next-gen nuclear power can augment renewable energy sources

Brent Ridge worked for years just a few hundred yards from a nuclear waste storage site at the Columbia Generating Station near Richland, Washington. Because he was vice-chairman of the Nuclear Safety Review Board for Columbia, Ridge was confident he wasn’t putting his health in danger by working that close to radioactive material.

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