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Newspapers in crisis: Why their economic future matters for our democracy

It’s the ideal hand-held communications tool for the 21st century: It’s portable, carries easily segmented global, national, and local news, is updated regularly by professionals dedicated to filtering and editing mounds of information, isn’t controlled by the Chinese or the Russians, and requires no external power source other than natural or room lighting.

The clock is ‘Tiking’ on larger data privacy issue

I don’t get the fascination with TikTok, the video-sharing platform that is essentially a worldwide talent show for obscure skills, but that’s totally OK. Millions of people do enjoy it and, for many of them, it has been a source of entertainment and relief during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The link between education and economy is more evident than ever

Many U.S. policymakers seem concerned about reopening bars, restaurants, and health clubs closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. They should be at least as worried about restarting America’s education engine, which will best serve the economy — and young people — over time.

Amid pandemic and other troubles, parts of tech economy surging

In most presidential election years, the marketplace for initial public offerings closes tighter than Ebenezer Scrooge’s wallet as the campaign heats up. That’s not the case in 2020, a year in which neither the worst pandemic in a century nor civil strife has deterred investors from pursuing value.

Tom Still is president of the Wisconsin Technology Council. He is the former associate editor of the Wisconsin State Journal.

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