UW testing new security screening technology at sporting events

Liberty Defense Holdings Limited, a Massachusetts-based technology provider of concealed weapons and threat detection solutions, is beta testing its Hexwave screening system on the University of Wisconsin–Madison campus. Hexwave is being deployed as primary security screening solution for major sporting events on the university’s main campus.

The system automatically detects concealed weapons and other potential threats, including both metallic and nonmetallic objects, such as 3D-printed ghost guns, as well as improvised liquid, powder, or plastic explosives, according to a press release. It uses millimeter wave, video-rate 3D imaging and artificial intelligence technologies to detect potential threats, providing real-time, automated go/no-go decisions to security operators. Guests do not need to hand over cellphones, keys, wallets, or jackets when passing through the system, providing a faster and more seamless security experience.

“We look forward to testing Hexwave to see how it can enhance our robust security operations, especially for large-scale events,” said Kristen Roman, associate vice chancellor and chief of police at UW–Madison. “As the first university to test the Hexwave system, we are proud to have had the opportunity to experience this security technology to see how it can improve both experience and security in our facilities.”