UW–Madison ranks as top university for marketing careers

A new study released by bookyourdata.com reveals the 10 best universities across the U.S. for a marketing career after graduation and UW–Madison takes the top spot. Marketing graduates from UW–Madison earn an average $73,246 in just their first year after graduating.

Rankings are based on several factors measured annually, including admission rates,  completion rates, median graduation earnings, the average cost of tuition, average costs of books, average cost of housing, and average total cost of the above expenses subtracting scholarships/grants.

UW–Madison has six marketing courses available exploring several elements including Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research, Brand Management and Strategy, and Marketing in a Digital Age.

With an admission rate of 57%, and a completion rate of 88%, there are currently 31,651 undergraduate students studying at UW–Madison. It also has one of the lowest average net costs for students across the top 10 at $17,234 per year.