Use the power of manifestation (and enthusiasm) to improve your business

I remember visiting a friend’s home many years ago and seeing small paper signs taped up everywhere. I got close enough to read some of the signs and saw that all of them were written in the present tense and all were affirmations.

At a recent business breakfast, the topic of conversation was the power of manifestation and affirmation. A couple of entrepreneurs offered that they have been manifesting since the day they decided to go into business. They manifest when doing yearly planning, making projections, and designing their marketing strategies. All agreed that they manifest what they want their end results to look like.

It’s not all about manifesting, though. They all have enthusiasm and optimism (definitely part of our table talk), mixed with positive energy and a passion for what they do, and that helps motivate them to dive into projects, goals, and the dreams they create for their businesses. These entrepreneurs talked about some of the things they get excited about, including:

  • Being able to seize opportunities that come their way.
  • The chance to enjoy new challenges and experiences.
  • The ability to use their high level of energy to work toward and complete goals.
  • Feeling good about their work.
  • Looking forward to achieving results.

These folks talked about the obstacles and stop signs that can spring up without warning; however, it was clear that they look for tricks that can be used to work through the glitches.

These successful businesspeople know that when businesses choose to create a positive environment, everyone who works in the company feels the good energy. As Dr. Norman Vincent Peale said, “If there’s no fun it it, something is wrong with all you’re doing.”



It was good to hear them talk about other drivers behind manifestation and affirmation, like determination, confidence, and patience. Patience … something I’m always asking for.

These folks agreed that manifesting and affirming only go so far. When taking dreams, goals, and business ideas to the next level, patience rules.

This called to mind an old Dutch proverb: “A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains.”

One could hear the passion these entrepreneurs have for their work, and for the positive feelings they have about the coming business year. I am grateful that I chose to sit at this table at the breakfast. After years as an entrepreneur, I enjoyed listening to these folks share their stories, and boy did I learn a lot!

It’s going to be a good year for business!

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