Understory shifts to underwriters

A Madison company that placed weather sensors on buildings to collect specific weather data is completely shifting its focus to providing hail-damage insurance. The company began in 2012 to provide weather data around the country using roof-based weather sensors that provided detailed weather data.

Alex Kubicek, CEO, says the company is now providing Auto-Hail Safe insurance for auto dealers who typically bear the brunt of hail damage because their inventory sits outdoors. Its product will be offered in 12 of the nation’s most hail-prone states.

The company will continue to use its Dot sensors to collect data that will assess damage without the need for an insurance adjuster, providing dealerships with checks for their claims within two weeks, according to a Wisconsin State Journal report.

Auto-Hail Safe insurance will be sold through insurance brokers.

Understory has 25 employees currently in Madison and plans to double its staff over the next year.