Twitter, Twitter Little Stars

A bleary eyed nurse just finished a 10-hour shift; she reports that she’s looking forward to a hot bath. Because of Twitter, we know that a pet was just bathed, a candle lit, music made, a pie baked, a novel finished, a love affair started, a race run.

Twittering folks all over the world are starring in their own mini-series. We can pick and choose between thousands (millions?) of real-time screenings.

A kidney transplant donor is prepped for surgery. A teenager put a down payment on a first motorcycle. A last-eve bachelor was treated to a stripper by his friends. A mayor threw the first pitch at a new Little League park. A 62-year old woman honeymooned in France.

Today was a big day for all those Somebodies. Today counted. Many of us shared Today with our tweets, our shadow followers, too, making Today just a little more meaningful for us.

(This just in: right now a friend of mine in California is eating a banana. Twitter, twitter little star.)

Somebody is playing a mean blues harmonica accompaniment in a Mississippi barroom. Somebody is bored in a lecture hall in Boston. Somebody announces a knockout in a boxing ring in Germany. Somebody is frustrated because their puppy just chewed through their speaker wires. Somebody is finally sorting through the junk in the attic.

With Twitter, yesterday’s Nobody is today’s Somebody, empowered to block followers if they so choose. Or to cyberstalk the Somebodies of their choice.

Someone is finishing a first day on a new job. Someone else is being shown the door. Someone is stockpiling gold in a basement. Someone is building a cathedral. Someone is telling someone else that a student cheated, a lover left. Someone else thinks they found their soul mate on a northbound train five minutes ago.

Some people are too busy at this moment to Twitter: World leaders thinking great thoughts or plotting great havoc, vagrants begging for change, police officers pulling over suspicious vehicles, firefighters pulling on protective clothing, paramedics racing toward hospitals; plastic surgeons tucking tummies.

We know you’re out there and you’ll report in as soon as you’re able.

Meanwhile, Followers, I’m savoring a milk chocolate Lindor truffle.

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