Trump to roll back climate policies

Fulfilling a campaign pledge, President Donald Trump will begin repealing many of the Obama administration’s climate policies with a series of executive orders and memoranda.

Those orders will include a review of the Clean Power Plan, which was expected to close down many of the nation’s coal power plants; rolling back oil and gas performance standards; and ending a 14-month-old moratorium on coal leasing on federal lands.

Opponents consider the moves an assault on clean air and water and a repudiation of the threats of climate change, while proponents hail it as pro-jobs because of the new jobs that will be created in the oil and gas sector, which has been targeted by the EPA for years.

According to the 2016 Solar Jobs Census, Wisconsin has seen an increase in solar-related jobs, with 2,813 statewide jobs in 2016, an increase of 872 from 2015.