Truax Field first U.S. Air Force base to terminate foam-based fire suppression systems 

The Department of Military Affairs announced in a recent press release that the 115th Fighter Wing stationed at Madison’s Truax Field became the first U.S. Air Force base worldwide to terminate all use of foam-based fire suppression systems in its facilities. 

High expansion foam systems were part of construction design plans when they first began in February 2018, but in November 2021, the Air Force released a policy to remove foam-based fire suppression systems and transition to using water deluge fire protection. 

At the time, five hangar facilities were either under construction, fully designed, or undergoing design. Recognizing the chance to sooner comply with the policy, in January 2022, the 115th Fighter Wing petitioned the National Guard Bureau and were allowed to modify all five hangar projects. 

Modifying all five design contracts cost approximately $161,000, but the base saved more than $1.6 million overall.