Tommy G. does 50 pushups to prove he is no pushover

If it’s Tuesday it must be election day in Wisconsin.*

I predicted Tuesday night on WMTV’s newscast before the results were all in that this morning’s headlines would read Tommy v. Tammy. (Tammy, tell me true …)

And that, my friends, was all she wrote for the open U.S. Senate seat from Wisconsin. We just had our general election – in the middle of August! Tommy Thompson will now follow former governors Bob La Follette and Gaylord Nelson into the U.S. Senate.

It’s over because the conservative movement hereabouts is in high clover. Paul Ryan!!! It is why Republicans attracted four legitimate contenders and the Democrats got stuck with Tammy Baldwin. The yawning, tummy-scratching lack of Democratic interest in an open U.S. Senate seat held by a retiring Democrat – how often does that happen? – is telling.

Two years ago, Tommy told a Tea Party gathering on the Capitol lawn that he could beat Russ Feingold but had promised his family he would not run. Tommy that day was like Secretariat being scratched from the Kentucky Derby. You knew he had one more race in him. People scoffed, but a nonentity named Ron Johnson captured the zeitgeist and turned out the three-term liberal icon – an occasion still as lamented in Wisconsin as the fall of Constantinople was to Christian Europe.

Tommy’s biggest message during the just-concluded primary was that he was best positioned to beat Tammy in the general election. That is true, but any of the four Republicans would have won. Hell, I could beat Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin in 2012. This is a state that just gave Scott Walker an 8% margin of victory even after Walker gelded the public sector unions, which returned the favor by shooting their wad in one last, futile effort to hold onto their power over the public purse strings.

From now through Nov. 6, expect to see extensive depictions of Tammy, Jesse Jackson, Michael Moore, and John Nichols shouting into bullhorns exhorting the rowdy communards during the futile Siege of the Capitol. They will be joined by such character actors as Segway Boy, Pink Dress Guy, and Hippie Bongstockings and various obscene gesticulators who perpetrated Operation Chaos during their attempted, undemocratic takeover of state government.

Meanwhile, here’s Tommy G. doing 50 pushups for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board. (Does Fox News get 60? I’ll settle for my handshakes with the great man.)

When they lose the argument …

… they seek to drown out the debate. More evidence from Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank. His piece of work is, of course, in service of the liberal news media’s opening salvo against Ryan-Romney. Like the drum circles of last year’s Capitol occupation, Milbank’s column contains not a speck of policy debate. Just name-calling.

I wrote in this space earlier this week that the selection of Paul Ryan to the Republican ticket would engender an adult conversation, a true dialogue on the issues. (The Houston Chronicle has the same thought.) I did not count, of course, on the Democrat(ic) Street (as in, the Arab Street) as enabled by the Left’s amen corner in the national news media.

Milbank has not a word of opprobrium for the mob. Instead, he celebrates the violation of free speech known as the heckler’s veto. A small, determined band of Democrats begin chanting slogans (always the slogans but never the debate). Then they rush the podium.

“We’re used to this in Wisconsin,” Ryan says. Milbank, displaying a partisan ear, tries to link the remark to “Wristband Day” at the Wisconsin State Fair. Ryan, of course, knows better. The hecklers are, ultimately, their own worst enemy – as Wisconsin’s hecklers proved. But they get lots of help from the Dana Milbanks and the silence of party elders who should know better.

BTW: Paul Ryan handled the disrupters expertly; Dana Milbank is not a reliable observer.

Who is out of step with whom?

Socialist provocateur John Nichols tries to make the case that Paul Ryan is out of step in Wisconsin, that the fifth-generation Wisconsinite is a foreign interloper. That a deer-hunting family man who got elected by the people of southeastern Wisconsin seven times – the last time by 68% – is some kind of sleeper agent. Ryan’s got a big problem with Progressivism, the John Edwards fanboy writes in The Nation. So does most of America, when you think about it.

The same progressive tradition that brought us Prohibition, eugenics, and other government-knows-best nostrums has come to be a polite synonym for socialism.

Going for the hard liquor: Democrats continue to purify their ranks of all deviant thought. Jason Fields, representing a Milwaukee State Assembly district since 2004, ran afoul of the teachers unions for decrying the sorry state of Milwaukee’s public schools and paid the price, losing to a teachers union toady. Dems also jettisoned moderate Peggy Krusick, who’s been in the Assembly forever.

The cause without a name: A letter writer in today’s Capital Times claims that not one Democratic candidate for State Senate lists the restoration of collective bargaining rights as a priority in a Wheeler Report summary. I’m still looking for that summary and can’t find it. But remember how Democrats wanted to strip the governor of the ability to appoint the DNR boss? Until a Democrat became governor, that is.           

Prime time: What do you want to bet that Tommy Thompson and/or Scott Walker introduce Paul Ryan at the Republicans’ national convention in Tampa Aug. 27-30?

*Opening quote shamelessly stolen from struggling writer Christian Schneider.

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