Tom Barrett v. Kathleen Falk: Let the bloodbath begin!

No holds barred! Sudden death! Barbed wire ring. The big lib smackdown. Rumble in the grumble. We have our two heavyweight contenders in the Democrat(ic) gubernatorial recall primary. Tom “Bring It On” Barrett squares off with “The Kathleen” Falk.

It won’t be pretty. Thank you, Jesus.

This is your over card. As I have said before, no Feingold, no Obey, no Herb Kohl, no Great White Hope. This is your A-team, Democrats. The March 27 Marquette U. Law School poll has Barrett claiming the support of 36% of potential Dem primary voters to Falk’s 29%, with “The Other Kathleen” Vinehout and Doug “I’m a” La Follette at 8% each.

Prediction: They will carve each other up and Scott Walker will help them do it.

Ann of Althouse agrees. “This should be interesting, with the two Democrats attacking each other and using up their funds for the next four-plus weeks [the primary is May 8], then pivoting to try to defeat Walker one month later. [The general election is June 5.] Walker obviously has been fighting to keep his job and will continue to fight while Barrett and Falk (and Vinehout and La Follette) concentrate on the primary.”

Master Jack Craver in The Capital Times: “Barrett’s late entry to the race, as well as his lukewarm support for the labor movement that sparked the recall of the governor, will likely result in resistance to his candidacy from within the Democratic base.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Barrett not only used Scott Walker’s collective bargaining “tools” to balance his budget, he asked that they be applied to police and firefighters, which the legislation never covered. He tried to take over Milwaukee’s ailing public schools. So, what is his rationale for opposing Walker? Union heavies hate Tom Barrett. They picketed his fundraiser with Rahm Emanuel last week at the behest of the Chicago teachers unions.

Unions picketing the potential Democrat(ic) nominee? Can you spell “Photo Op?”

The Milwaukee mayor’s association with the Chicago mayor only reinforces union antipathy. Jonathan Alter in the April Atlantic magazine concludes: “So far, almost everyone likes Rahm’s performance — except members of the Chicago Teachers Union, the Amalgamated Transit Union, and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and their backers.”

As for The Kathleen, she keeps saying that she will bring Wisconsin back together? How, by kowtowing to the unions?

Extra Credit: How does U.S. District Judge Conley’s ruling Friday on Walker’s Act 10 collective bargaining reforms play in all of this? (The judge upheld all of Act 10 except for discontinuing automatic dues deduction and annual recertification.) Libertarian bloggeur Tim Nerenz asks: “Am I the only one who thinks this is a bonus for Walker? Two weeks before the recall vote all the public sector workers take a cut in take-home pay courtesy of their unions and a liberal judge.”

No, Tim. You’re not the only one. Blaska issues a concurring opinion.

No hoodies in the House (or in the ‘hood)

The U.S. House of Representatives has a rule requiring decorum, aka respect for the body as a whole. What a concept! (OLD FOGEY ALERT) I remember when good manners were expected in our schools.

Congress actually enforced its rule when U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Chicago, rose to speak dressed like a hooded punk. He was gaveled out of order. Rush was decrying the shooting of Trayvon Martin down in Florida but he was silent on the ongoing black-on-black slaughter in his own city.

Marathon Pundit asks, “Where was his outrage during St. Patrick's Day weekend when 10 Chicagoans were murdered, including 10-year-old Aliyah Shell?” The shooters were wearing hooded sweatshirts, according to the Chicago Tribune. Kids, if you don’t want to be mistaken for hoods, don’t come to my ‘hood wearing hoods like these two characters:

Straight talk for the Hate Talkers

Memo to my liberal acquaintances who want advertisers to boycott Rush Limbaugh. (Or the Divine Miss Vicki or Mark Belling or Chris Rickert, etc., etc.) Where were you when a Madison-based, talk-radio shock jock accused Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch of 1) performing sexual acts on numerous men, 2) mocked her bout with cancer, and 3) attacked her children? The hate radio trifecta!

Let’s hear how this WTMJ parody of Media Matters poses the question — if you can stand it. (CAUTION: It’s truly ugly.) Where is the outrage over the Left’s misogyny?

Breitbart’s Big Journalism asks: “Where is the (news) media on this? AWOL, naturally, because Rebecca Kleefisch is an apostate — a self-made Republican woman … no excuse for the mainstream media covering it up.”

And why do Falk, Comrade Nichols, and every Dem candidate keep trouping to the Sly-mer’s microphone with nary a discouraging word about his chronic woman-bashing? (Don’t forget the Condi Rice incident.)

Graeme Zielinski Watch #2. The spokesmouth for the Wisconsin Democratic Party, rates a “Pants on Fire” from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s PolitiFact. In other words, he was lying. Again.

RT @WisGOP: Happy International Women's Day! You ladies should get paid less and not be able to make health care decisions.

“… The tweet made it appear as if Zielinski was "re-tweeting" (RT) a message put out by the Wisconsin Republican Party (@WisGOP). … One little problem: The state GOP never tweeted it. … We asked Zielinski where the message came from. His response: ‘It was me Tweeting as them, since they voted to cut equal pay protections and put new roadblocks in between women and their doctors.’

“O.K. That’s pretty simple,” the Journal-Sentinel concluded. “The tweet was fabricated to try and make a point. It's unclear what measures Zielinski was referring to.”

Fabricated, as in, lying like a rug.

“Happy International Women’s Day?” ☺

Finally, Keith Olbermann, aka the worst man in the world (not named John Edwards), is apparently as insufferable off the air as he is on the air. Even Al Gore can’t stand him!

Vote early and often Tuesday

The augurs at the Blaska Policy Research Center and Herpetarium have finalized their conservative recommendations for the April 3 Spring Election. In Dane County Board contested races:

District #3 Hariah Hutkowski, #7 Jon Snowden, #12 Rick Faulin, #15 Ronn Ferrell, #17 Don Imhoff, #22 Terri Kelso, #25 Brian Raemisch, #30 Mary Jane Anderson, #31 Jerry Bollig, #32 Mike Willett, #33 Jack Martz, #34 Sandy Bakk, #35 Paul Lawrence.

Vote Nichelle Nichols and Mary Burke to tell MTI the people will run Madison’s schools, thank you. Vote Roger Allen for Dane County judge.

Check here for conservative candidate recommendations and maps in Dane, Jefferson, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington, and Waukesha counties.

Finally, I’m going with Mitt and the mutt on the car roof. He’s the best bet to win a general election. This circular firing squad that has been the GOP presidential race must end and soon.

Saw the Mittster and conservative rock star Paul Ryan Sunday in Middleton; the Lovely Lisa and I were the last two admitted to the standing room-only town hall meeting. A long line of people were denied entry. Segway Boy amused arrivals in the parking lot of the Marriott hotel. Sen. Jon Erpenbach was doodling on an iPad just outside the entrance. Said he’d make an announcement on the governor’s race soon. (The Dane County pol endorsed Barrett.)

A hoarse-voiced Brian Schimming (shown just left of Romney) warmed up the crowd and got a shout-out from the candidate. God, the man (Romney, that is) is a trim and good-looking 65. Sixty-five! Not many men that age can wear blue jeans; overalls, maybe. He was in fine voice but must learn to give shorter answers. Less chance for mischief.

Extra Bonus Platinum Subscriber processed meat filler: I was wrong about eating fresh asparagus in April. First asparagus from the Blaska Experimental Work Farm landed on my groaning breakfast table on Tuesday, March 27! More where that came from.

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