Time to Hang Up the Headsets

IB Publisher Jody Glynn Patrick writes about business for her column, with a departure to “no business allowed” in her blog “After Hours.” Even the print magazine’s parameters are loose for Jody, as she writes from the heart and typically more toward HR or human interest topics.

This seems to be my season to prune and to plant, as I wrote in a blog for our online audience earlier this month.

I am weeding out activities this spring because my garden runneth over with beautiful new blossoms trying to push their way through the more mature plants. That’s the image in my head as I say goodbye to "In Business with Jody and Joan" to make time to cultivate new IB products. However, I’m not winnowing the 1,300-plus seeds (radio shows) sown with Joan Gillman over the past half dozen years, because those relationships will continue to bud and grow over the coming years.

Joan and I have had a tremendous run, creating drive-time programming for WTDY while interviewing some of the most interesting business, civic, and nonprofit leaders in the state. We’ve been asked several times what our favorite shows were. My favorites were the ones that resulted in personal friendships with such noble people as Morris Davis, Paul Gibler, and Patrick Farabaugh, to name only a few.

Guests often commented on our headphones, which I "blinged" with fake diamonds so the men in the station wouldn’t wear our personal sets. I brought in a second set for days I didn’t feel glamorous, and those featured Dr. Seuss characters.

Seuss was always good for a laugh. Along the way, we’ve outlasted four producers. In that period of time, Joan became a grandmother. We’ve shared tears over lost family members, and we’ve shared laughter and lots of "samples" as guests tried to woo us with chocolates, beer, cheese, and (my favorite) cupcakes.

Now, I think Joan will continue radio programming (nothing is set in stone as I write this) with her own co-host – a different program with a similar talk format. I wish her only the best, and she goes forward with my love and respect.

Ultimately, as I wrote in the blog, it comes down, for me, to a matter of timing. It’s time to leave the recording studio while I’m still authentically engaged in the stories being told, to join my colleagues again who capture them in ink.

First and foremost, I’m a writer, and frankly, I miss writing. We have IB clients who want Web content produced for them, and that is an avenue I’d most like to pursue now. Also, I’d like to spend more time with my husband and our beautiful family. In fact, when you read this, I expect to be in Florida with my oldest grandson, Patrick, having an adventure worth writing about.

I’m not stepping back – only sideways.

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