Tightrope Walker in Need of Balance

First piece of business — an urgent reminder! It’s about time for our next photo contest winners to be unveiled! But since I’m on a business retreat when you read this, you have one more week to get in your favorite (1) general photos, (2) pet photos, or (3) people photos! We’ll announce winners mid-September, so send them to me as a jpeg, e-mailed, along with names for the photos (please send four different photos per submission), and the type of camera used.

Also, since I’m in “after hours, let’s relax and play” contest mood today, how about we do another one for the wordsmiths in the group? I’m inviting you to send in SIX WORDS that are relevant to you and revealing of you! This is not my idea completely — it’s an exercise I found in a book appropriately entitled Six-Word Memoirs that is subtitled “Not Quite What I was Planning.”

The book is a collection of attributed six-word sentences. Some entries in that book are really moving: “Does my biological mother cry sometimes?” and “Cursed by cancer, blessed by friends.” “Bi-polar at 12, lithium at 36.” “Born a twin, died a loner.” “I still make coffee for two.”

“Ex-wife and contractor now have house” bemoans another entry. “I think, therefore I am bald.” Yes, those submitters both were male. Their female counterparts wrote: “Four children in four decades — whew!” and “Followed white rabbit. Became black sheep.”

Some waxed more philosophical: “I managed not to destroy anything.” I liked the one that read, “Did I miss a deadline again?”

“Girls from the Bronx are different” — written by a woman who, one presumes, is from the Bronx. “Woman with man’s name — thanks, parents!” was sent in by Curtis Sittenfeld, and I admit, I thought that was funny. Particularly since, during the era I grew up in, “Jody” was also the name of a young male star on a popular cowboy television program. Yep, a cowboy, so I get how annoying it is to be given a “boy’s name.” (And my daughter Summer can testify to how annoying it was to have a hippie mom name her).

Some lyrics focus on relationships. “‘Let’s just be friends,’ she said.” “Forgot to say I love her.” “The freaks, they always find me.” and “Sometimes at night I lay lonely.”

You might learn more about a stranger, by the six words they choose, than you know about your closer friends.

Can you string together six words? It’s easy — give it a try!

“Tightrope walker in need of balance.” First one that came to mind.

What’s your new self-styled mantra?

Subject line: “six words” — e-mail jodyp@magnapubs.com.

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