This Just In: Tommy Thompson Can’t Swim

The Tommy Thompson for Senate campaign is in receipt of the latest memo from political consultant John Nichols, now moonlighting at The Capital Times, The Nation magazine, the Mr. Ed comedy-variety hour on MSNBC, and as guest prestidigitator on the radio Slymer.

“Thompson ought to renounce Romney,” reads the memo’s message line, published in Sunday’s Views of The Capital Times.

Do you renounce him, that wild-eyed, right-wing radical, Mitt Romney? (I do renounce him. I thee baptize in nomino Patri, et Fili, et Spiritu tuo.”) Romney? Radical? Many Republicans of my acquaintance are sighing, “if only!”

Some of us are still waiting for The Capital Times to renounce fake Indian Ward Churchill, fugitive rapist Julian Assange, the Rev. “Hate America” Wright, Tawana Brawley rape hoaxer Al Sharpton, and other of its heroes. (Tick, tick, tick.)

Sunday’s latest offering of unsolicited advice follows other keen insights from Nichols, who is a veteran strategist of many political campaigns, most notably the Recall Walker effort, John Edwards for President, and Russ Feingold for immediate Sainthood and damn the miracles.

For many years now, The Capital Times has been bedeviled by the Tomster. He keeps deflecting their editorial thunderbolts like so much static electricity off a force field shield. Despite their in-kind campaign donations to the likes* of Tony Earl, Tom Loftus, Chuck Chvala (D-Huber Center), and Fighting Ed Garvey, Tommy keeps winning and the former daily newspaper’s editorial bile becomes ever more toxic.

(* at the presidential level, one could mention Walter Mondale, Mike Dukakis, and Jimmy Carter, twice.)

The blowers of the progressive-Democrat(ic) party-socialist bullhorn have adopted the campaign talking points of Thompson’s current political opponent.

“Tommy Thompson is unrecognizable to Wisconsinites,” the CT discovered recently, sounding very much like the press releases from Tammy Baldwin hdq.

It is true. After a career of real accomplishment, Tommy T. did counsel others and was paid for his advice. Thus, he is an “influence peddler,” in Lefty lingo. (He also ran a company in La Crosse manufacturing safety devices and runs a farm, not that you’d know it from the Nichols file.) Now, had the man been, say, that useful idiot Clark Clifford — in other words, a liberal Democrat — well! That is a horse of a different party! He would be Mr. Thompson, a Wise Man, listen to him well.

You can’t blame our Left-leaning acquaintances too much; they’re a little punch-drunk. Here is a guy whom Wisconsin elected statewide four straight times by overwhelming margins. Wisconsin loves the guy. Now, we are supposed to believe, the man from Elroy, WI, who traveled the nation and world as governor (trade trips), who had a high-profile, worldwide portfolio as U.S. Secretary of Health — that this man was somehow bedazzled in his sixth decade by the tasseled loafers of Washington D.C.

Even as Wisconsin kept electing Tommy G. Thompson to a record four terms as its governor, The Capital Times and its progressive peanut gallery, people like Midge Miller and Becky Young, kept calling him “King Tommy.” They hated his welfare reforms. They hated his education reforms, they hated school choice and charter schools. They hated his support for gun rights. They hated Elroy, WI.

As Tommy used to say, “If I walked across Lake Mendota from the (Governor’s) residence to the Capitol, The Capital Times would write: ‘Tommy Can’t Swim.’”

Because the same people who hated Tommy then hate him now. Nothing has changed.

For further study: That struggling scrivener Christian Schneider has this to say about Tommy v Tammy.