The payoff from working as a team

Ten professionals and 10 teams are competing in the 2015 Get Fit Challenge. Who will earn the healthiest marks? Follow along on Facebook and then find out at the In Business Expo & Conference on Oct. 21. This week, IB checks in with the team from Tingalls Graphic Design, which includes team members Tara Ingalls, Alyssa Daubs, Kallie Johnson, and Britt Leach. Stay tuned for future blogs from the team.

The challenge is almost over and Team Tingalls has put in the effort to Get Fit! Fitness and health are a big part of our corporate culture at Tingalls Graphic Design. From stretching breaks, to actual exercise — we’ve made fitness and healthy living a part of our daily lives, inside and outside of the workplace.

The challenge has had such a positive effect on our team — we walk together 2.5 miles every Friday, we complete the circuit in less than 40 minutes, and the entire team participates, including showing up for work in exercise gear.

The short-term benefits of the Get Fit Challenge are easily quantifiable. The correlation between focus in the workplace and frequent breaks is undeniable. The team regularly walks, stretches, and even busts out some jumping jacks. This activity gets the blood flowing, the mind refocused, and the day passes faster.

Long-term effects of Fitness Friday (our own adaptation of the Get Fit Challenge) are less sick days and a healthier staff overall. This increase in productivity and improved mood is a verifiable, tangible effect.

Here’s an update from each member our team:

One of the biggest changes in my normal routine was that I started eating breakfast on a more regular basis. I started experimenting with smoothies and have now added in vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots, and baby spinach — something I wouldn’t normally have consumed before noon. I’ve also tried to curb my snacking after 8 p.m. Air-popped popcorn or a bowl of fruit is now my go-to late night snack before bed. That way I don’t feel hungry when I go to sleep. I also cut out sugar in my morning coffee, which at first was very hard to get used to but now sweetened coffee tastes odd!


One of the biggest changes in my eating habits has been having self-control at friend or family gatherings. Being able to say no to tasty treats and drinks that always seem to accompany large gatherings has always been a challenge for me; I’ve really worked on saying no to that extra piece of pizza, cookie, beer, or any other treat that crosses my path. In my everyday eating routine, I’ve made sure to incorporate more fresh produce and snack less on processed foods. These small changes have definitely made a difference in how I feel — more energy and boosted moods! 


The biggest change in my eating habits happened when I signed up for a CSA share. Each week I get a bin full of fresh fruits and vegetables and am finding new and exciting ways to experiment with all the fresh produce, some of which I had never had before. Not all the recipes have been a success, but having fresh foods readily available at all times has been a big help in staying away from processed foods and choosing healthier snacks.


The biggest changes I have made so far are that I am definitely eating healthier, drinking a lot more water, and taking in less coffee and more tea. The craziest thing so far is that I ran my first 5K — something that I have never been motivated to do before this challenge — with the help of my co-workers.

Meet all of the competitors here and see who wins at the In Business Expo & Conference.

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