The most important secret to hiring in 2022

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In December 2018, U.S. unemployment hit 3.7%, the lowest rate since 1969.

In March 2022, the U.S. unemployment rate plummeted to 3.6%.

Not much different. Hiring has been a challenge for businesses for years but there have consistently been a few best practices that continue to work for businesses willing to execute them.

Not using these tools and strategies nearly guarantees employees will be harder to find, harder to attract, and harder to keep.

Every business operates within a blueprint. At ActionCOACH in Wisconsin, we use a six-step model that encompasses every facet of business with a clear, concise set of priorities and steps that any business can follow.

The first secret to hiring is a rock-solid foundation for your business. Your business must be clear, focused, and simplified.

The ActionCOACH blueprint for business foundation includes four areas. These four areas include the most fundamental things you’ll want in your business to make sure it’s on a rock-solid footing. They include mastery of time; money; vision, mission, and culture; and delivery.

Why master these four areas, and how do they apply to hiring?

Consider this — if you’re not clear about exactly what your business does, how it does it, how simple or complicated it is, and how much money it makes, should you expect to easily hire the right employees for your business?

In our experience, businesses that are not clear and focused have significantly more challenges hiring people than businesses that know what they’re all about.

Founding partner Susan Thomson says, “It is amazing how much easier hiring becomes when we can determine exactly what skills a business owner wants on their team. Clarity creates focus, focus creates energy, and energy attracts employees. Understanding mastery also aligns your culture so that you can attract only employees looking for that culture to work in as well.”

There are two other areas where hiring becomes easier, or harder, depending on your skill set.

Your niche

In its simplest form, your niche matters to potential employees. Imagine if you are a blue collar, business-to-business, injection-molding packaging supplier. Is it realistic to thing that you’ll be able to attract people who see themselves as professional service employees? Be clear on your niche to help employees choose you.

Your systems

Once you know what systems run your business, you’ll be able to market for the ideal employees to run those systems.

The secret isn’t a secret at all

The basics of knowing who you are as a business, knowing who you serve for customers, and knowing what types of systems you want to run will allow you to clearly market for the exact employees you want.

More important than that, it will make it easier for employees to find you.

“There is no secret to hiring. Like any skill, you can become expert at it,” says ActionCOACH Managing Partner Mike McKay. “The question is will you put in the amount of effort to become great at this critical skill. Frankly, most business owners don’t have time to become expert. That’s where we come in. Simplify, clarify, and speed up the process of becoming expert in hiring. Any business owner can do this with the right help.”

Is your business in need of a blueprint? Led by Global Hall of Fame Coaches Mike McKay and Susan Thomson, ActionCOACH has offices in Madison and Milwaukee, five certified business and executive coaches, and is a nine-time winner of the In Business Executive Choice Awards for Management Training Company. ActionCOACH of Wisconsin has worked with more than 417 businesses throughout Wisconsin and the United States. What this means for you is you get all that collective knowledge and experience working to help you and your business. Email for your complimentary coaching session or an invite to our popular Make More, Work Less lunch and learns.