The Gobbler Theater under new ownership, to become Club Groovy  

According to a recent Wisconsin State Journal article, new owners Steve Paulet and his wife, Rachel Bauer, expect a July closing date on their purchase of The Gobbler Theater, which made its debut as a 404-seat music venue in 2015 and saw its shows ended by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Plans for the revamped business, which will be called Club Groovy, include small renovations and the booking of multiple shows per week to draw audiences from southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. The shows will feature a wide range of musical genres, including indie bands, up-and-coming rock artists, classic rock bands, country crossover, and jazz, as well as stand-up comedy. The plans also call for the construction of an acoustic stage in the basement to accompany the building’s existing main stage area.  

Paulet and Bauer will sign a short-term lease for May and June that will allow them to prepare the business for the return of musical acts by late summer. Today, the Johnson Creek Village Board votes on a conditional use permit for the business as well as a full liquor license. 

The Club Groovy building sits on 10-acre property at 350 N. Watertown St. in Johnson Creek and was listed for $1.6 million.