The answers to all of your questions

From the pages of In Business magazine.

As I attend business events around Madison, I’m often asked the same few questions:

  1. How tall are you?
  2. How do I get an article or interview in your magazine?
  3. Can I speak at one of your events?

The sequence of these questions changes depending on who’s asking, but that’s how most of my conversations start. When you stand 6 feet 6 inches tall and serve as publisher of the local business magazine, these are the questions you should expect, so let me do my best to address them.

Since I’ve already addressed my height, let’s start with question No. 2: “How do I get in your magazine?” At IB, we’ve always prided ourselves on having our editorial staff entrenched in the Madison business community. Outside of a couple of external print columns and online bloggers, we write all of our content in house. However, we always look for topical business story ideas, and we always look for local professionals with new perspectives to interview as we prepare stories about specific industries.

I would encourage you to email Editorial Director Joe Vanden Plas at with any relevant story ideas. If you have a blog topic for, please direct those to Online Editor Jason Busch at Finally, if you have a startup company recommendation (a company in its first five years of existence), an interesting “On the Job” suggestion, or a press release that you’d like to have considered for the Business Report, please direct those to Departments Editor Jan Wilson at

Here are a couple of important notes to keep in mind before reaching out to our editorial team. First, please do not send us any purely marketing-oriented press releases or story ideas. We have a number of great marketing opportunities throughout our stable of IB products, and you can email us at for more information on those. Secondly, please know that while we take all editorial suggestions seriously, we cannot guarantee editorial coverage in any of our IB products.

As for question No. 3 about speaking at an IB event, the person to contact is Events Manager Jessica Hamm, who can be reached at Provide her with your contact information, the business topics you are qualified to speak about, and your qualifications for speaking on these topics. Again, we can’t guarantee a speaking request, but we take all submissions into consideration.

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