TDS opens retail stores in Oregon, McFarland

TDS Telecom has opened its first walk-in retail locations in McFarland and Oregon, where local residents can register for fiber optic service. The company soon will begin to build high-speed fiber optic networks in both communities.

While interested customers can order TDS fiber products online, the company also wanted to provide an in-store experience where they can interact with the technology, says Julie Maiers, vice president of marketing and product development for TDS.

The McFarland store is located at 4885 Larson Beach Road, and the Oregon store is located at 218 Wolfe St. Store hours will be Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

In April, the company announced that it would partner with the villages of both Oregon and McFarland to build fiber-optic broadband networks in those communities. When complete, the networks will deliver up to 1 Gigabit internet service along with TDS TV, the company’s all-digital TV service, and phone service to area residents.

Installations are expected to begin in both communities in early 2019.