Sun Prairie downtown business owners get reminder to remove snow

Snow accumulation may have been minimal so far this season, but Sun Prairie city officials nevertheless are reminding downtown property and business owners to clear their snow, especially if their business or property is on a corner, according to a story in the Sun Prairie Star.

Sun Prairie BID and Tourism Manager Colleen Burke informed property and business owners in a late November email that the city has received complaints that crosswalk ramps are not clear, which is a slip and fall hazard.

The city’s ordinance applies to residential and commercial property. The responsibility is that of “the owner, occupant, or person in charge” to ensure the sidewalks — including the ramps leading to the crosswalk — are clear.

Sun Prairie Snow Map

Downtown business and property owners received this drawing from the city of Sun Prairie showing areas such as crosswalks, sidewalks, and ramps that are to be kept clear of accumulated snow. (City of Sun Prairie)