Subscribing to a business resource

From the pages of In Business magazine.

These days, it seems like I have constant reminders of how quickly time is flying by. Whether it’s the milestone birthday quickly approaching, my 10- and eight-year-old daughters growing like weeds, or hair that has gone from a “pepper and some salt” to now mostly a “salt and some pepper” look.

Time also continues to run fast here at IB, as I’m already coming up on my five-year anniversary of taking over the publisher’s role and 16 years overall. With this anniversary in mind, I thought this would be a great time to offer a special free subscription opportunity for any business professional who is reading this column and not currently receiving his or her own copy of In Business magazine each month.

Since we have an extremely high percentage of our readers getting their magazine sent to their business office, we know that our magazine gets routed throughout offices so that multiple people can read it each month. Because of this, I know that many of you are reading someone else’s copy right now, or perhaps your company has one communal copy that gets passed around. While there is nothing wrong with that, let me present you with an opportunity to get your own personal copy of the magazine each month. Simply send an email to with “free subscription” in your subject line, and I’ll respond personally with a very quick form for you to fill out, and we’ll mail you each month’s magazine under your own name — for FREE.

Likewise, if you’d like a separate subscription set up for the waiting room area of your business, send me an email with “waiting room” in the subject line, and I’d be happy to send you a form to start a free waiting room subscription for clients/visitors to read as they are waiting to meet with you.

One final note: For those of you who help run one of the many outstanding business organizations (chambers, trade organizations, etc.) that we have in this community, I’d love to offer an opportunity to work with you to set up a system where you can offer a free IB subscription to your members. We have a valuable business resource here at IB. Let’s create a win-win partnership to ensure that your members have the opportunity to utilize this resource when they join/renew their membership with your organization.

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