Submit now to the new IB photo gallery!

, Loyal Reader! Now you know how to greet people in Russian ….

If you’re a member of Flickr, you know that already. There’s a language lesson in every visit.

I love photography, our magazine relies on good photography, and I know other amateur photographers (like Kathy Siebert, hint, hint) who are as good as any professional photographer. Am I describing you? I hope so, because I’m going to open an IB pro account on Flickr and invite you to submit photos for our public audience. You can submit up to eight photos and we’ll collect some of the best of the best – and the most interesting of the most interesting in our IB Gallery.

The benefits to you are that you have another virtual coffeehouse wall to strut your stuff and you’ll be more likely to be “discovered” by a new audience (and potential clients). The benefits to us are that we will be building a stable of talent, and some folks might be asked for permission to publish their photographs in print in In Business magazine, or we might make some future photo assignments based on the gallery talent we see online. We’ll be having impromptu contests (like best “old woman” shots, for which I only need a good mirror but you need a model!). And the photos, other than the caveats already established, can be wide ranging.

For example, here are three that I might post in my little section:

The rules of engagement with us are straightforward:

  1. Submit regular or medium-sized jpeg images by email to, and send them one at a time. Include your name on each entry and a title for the photograph. In the subject line, write “Photo submission.”
  2. You must be the photographer of every photo you submit, and have all rights aligned (model releases for anyone photographed, etc.).
  3. We will have all the photos marked for public viewing. Therefore, think carefully before submitting photos of children, and if you do, do not use their names in the title. If you do submit them, you must have written permission from a legal guardian for any minor’s photography.
  4. We don’t care if you edit your photos, so long as the final image is in jpeg form. We’re only interested in good photography.
  5. You reserve all rights to your photography, including copyright. Your submission gives In Business magazine the right to display your work, but not sell it. While we will share photos with the public, we will not give viewers rights to download or print.
  6. We’re family friendly, so no nudity or “too-friendly” poses, please. They’ll go in the delete folder instead.
  7. In Business reserves the right to refuse any photograph or submission for any reason, and will always work within the guidelines set by Flickr.

And the most important caveat of all … have fun!

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Sign up for the free IB Update – your weekly resource for local business news, analysis, voices, and the names you need to know. Click here.