Stratatech hopes for FDA approval

Riding the success of recent clinical trials, Madison-based Stratatech will take steps to seek FDA approval for its skin graft tissue, StrataGraft, which has been successful in healing burns without the need for painful skin grafts from different parts of a human body.

StrataGraft’s regenerative tissue is created the from the cells of discarded, circumcised human foreskins.

According to a Wisconsin State Journal story, in phase 3 clinical trials involving 71 patients with deep second-degree burns and 12 burn centers — including UW Hospital — treating wounds with StrataGraft resulted in a 98 percent reduction in the need for autografts overall.

Stratatech was founded in a UW–Madison laboratory in 2000, based on the research of pathologist Lynn Allen-Hoffmann. The company was acquired by England-based Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals for $76 million in 2016.